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Whatever is Sharpened, Cuts.

There’s a sweet Swahili proverb that’s been stuck in my head lately. The saying goes, “Kinolewacho, Hupata,” and it translates directly to, “Whatever is Sharped, Cuts.” In two words, this proverb beautifully summarizes a concept that I’ve been deeply meditating on recently. It’s a solid piece of wisdom that rings certain and true, reminding me…

Metacognition: The Million Dollar Mindset.

Elon Musk, inarguably one of the wealthiest men on earth today, had the following to say in a recent interview: “I think this is the single best piece of advice I can give to anyone: constantly think about how you could be doing things better, and always question yourself.” In one sentence, Musk tapped into…

My 3 Rules for 2023.

It’s only day 59 of 365, and all I can say is wow. 2023 is off to an intense start, and I’m not quite sure where this will all go or how. Nevertheless, I’m filled with glee and delight. I have learned so much already, especially about the journey and plight called life. An immense…

Understanding Depression through Neuroscience.

Have you ever wondered how depression affects the brain? Well today, I’ll tell you. According to the Introduction to Neuroscience class I took last semester, there are three main parts of the brain that play a significant role in Major Depressive Disorder (MDD): the Hippocampus, Amygdala, and Prefrontal cortex. The brain, as a whole, plays…


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