I can’t decide what I want to do with my life.

One minute I’m certain that I want to go to med school; then the next, I have a panic attack because I have absolutely no idea want I want to do in the future. Maybe I should learn how to trade crypto? Maybe I should be a real estate investor? Maybe I should be a blogger who sells products? Or maybe I should become a traveling nurse anesthetist. These are the thoughts that have taken over my mind completely. I’m so uncertain of what I want to do that it truly patronizes me. To be honest, I just want financial freedom. I want to have food, shelter, clothing and enough money to buy whatever I want, whenever I want it. So on today’s blog, I’m going to figure out exactly what I want to do with my life. And whatever I chose, I’m never turning back. But I need your help, so stick with me.

I love the concept of being an anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist and helping people through their surgeries, but honestly the money appeals to me more than the career itself. Also, I met a girl who went to med school at the University of Maryland and she was super anti-med school. She said the only thing med school did for her was 1) give her stress and 2) leave her with a pain-killer addiction; both of which then led to her being addicted to crack-cocaine and heroine. To think that this beautiful girl with such a bright future ahead of her as a doctor turned into an actual heroine addict scares the living sh** out of me, and it makes me totally reconsider medicine. Additionally, I’m taking Bio and Chemistry right now and Chem is kicking my butt, but that’s not a reason to quit, right I know I have what it takes, I’m just not sure if it’s what I want to dedicate myself to entirely. I’m pretty sure a strong passion or at least interest for pharmaceuticals is required to become an anesthesiologist. So maybe this is not it for me.

So, let me focus on what I DO know.

I know I love writing. I know I love people. I know I love talking, especially on topics that I’m well versed on. I know I like money. And I know I need structure, at the very least a self-guided routine that I follow strictly on a day to day basis. The routine helps me stay on top of things and also it gives me the ambition to become a better version of myself. For example, I’ve learned that writing everything down in a digital or physical journal and then crossing the objectives I have for the day is vital in achieving my goals. I personally love being able to reflect on everything I’ve done at the end of my day, and see how much I have attained. So long story short, I like being in control of my time; and I require a means of income that will give me the freedom to do with my time as I please.

Maybe, I should just graduate this spring with my degree in Journalism, get a job, and start working. Then, get an apartment and ground myself (stability is crucial). Then, I can spend the time that I’m not working basically doing research on real estate, stocks and cryptocurrency. I already have an instagram dedicated to my real estate journey (@rahakarealty); but I’ll jot down my findings here as well — making this blog even more purposeful. That way, I can learn and, most importantly, start my journey towards financial freedom. The goal is to learn a key money making skill by May 2022! So I have exactly 179 days! That’s almost exactly half a year.

Alright, game on. I already finished one real estate book this year, and I just bought a “How to trade stocks and cryptocurrency” book. I think my game plan will be to basically alternate between the two (real estate and trading), and gain as much knowledge as I feasibly can. I always wanted to be a Real Estate Investor slash Crypto Goddess, I just have not had the right foundation to be honest. But as long as my bills are paid and I have a roof over my head, I’m pretty sure I’ll be good. Anyways. I have exactly 6 months starting today. Every single moment starting NOW counts. The clock is ticking. Will I fold or will I succeed? It’s literally up to me. We shall see.

Let me know what you think. Should I keep on trying to pursue a Science degree and get a dual major? Or should I just graduate from college with my Journalism major and focus on my dreams of real estate/crypto/media? I’d love to hear what you think.

Much love,


Stacy Rahaka.

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