My ex-best friend did Voodoo on me then left me in NOLA.

It was last September, right after my birthday.

I’d just found out that one of my favorite people in the world had died in a car accident, and I was broken beyond repair. At this point in my life, I was doing fairly well for myself. I had secured a job with Apple Inc. and I’d recently moved into a beautiful 4-bedroom apartment, something that I was incredibly proud of myself for. However, once my friend died, it felt like the world had ended. Like I was sinking, and there was nobody there to hold me up but… Her.

This girl, we’ll call her Mia, had been my best friend since high school. However, a series of events took place in 2018 that caused us to drift apart… events that I will detail later on in this story.

Mia was living with her mother in a crowded but loving apartment south of mine, and when I reunited with her after 3 long years of silence, she was going through a messy breakup after nearly 5 years of dating the guy. She was miserable due to the breakup, and had resulted to Voodoo cards, Tarot, and other spiritual practices that I was unfamiliar with to deal with her depression.

I’m not going to lie, I contacted Mia first. But this happened when I was drunk and in my bath tub; devastatingly lonely and miserable. I had everything, it seemed, yet it felt like I had nothing. My soul craved more, and it led me to… Her.

The first night Mia came over my apartment, I was elated. In fact, I was so elated that I offered her to stay with me. She accepted the offer, and we were to begin our lives as co-habitant best friends once again. Mia is one of the most intelligent beings I’ve ever met, and so it was no surprise that she was pursuing a career as an entrepreneur. I wanted to be a supportive friend, but little did I know, things would only go haywire. As if I hadn’t learned my lesson in 2018.

Speaking of 2018, I still remember the first time I had an “episode”. I was smoking Marijuana with Mia, taking what’s called a “valley drive” which is essentially a drive on a long, winded road while intoxicated; and it was then that I realized I wasn’t happy with my life. It felt like… my life was a facade. And Mia went on this long rant about leaving everything behind to pursue the deepest of our desires. This, as I mentioned in a previous blog, was followed by me being obsessed with rhetoric’s such as Malcolm X’s… the idea that white people were devils, and that we were still slaves to the system.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. We’d gotten back from the valley ride around midnight, and decided that we’d go on an impromptu trip to Atlanta (from the Philadelphia area), in the middle of the night. I still am not sure what possessed me to listen to this girl, but I did, and this ended with us being stuck in Atlanta. Everyone in our state started putting up posters that she had kidnapped me. And now, looking back, I really think this girl practices some sort of dark magic – and that she put me in a trance or something. I don’t know if that’s possible or not, correct me if I’m wrong. But I have a huge inclination that she does a few things behind the dark.

Anyways, while we’re in Atlanta, I started seeing things. But it wasn’t just me seeing these things; she was too. For example, we met this man who was some sort of Guru, and he knew every detail about my life. He knew that my mother had passed away, he knew my full name and birthday and where I was born, it was odd!

But at this point, I was about 20 years old. And you know what they say: ignorance is bliss. I was young and ignorant, completely unsuspecting of what was taking place around me, I could’ve died on that trip. But all I remember is trying to sleep and not being able to.

I also remember screaming to the top of my lungs. I remember getting a hotel and literally envisioning that the world was ending. That earth was burning and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. I was tossing and turning on the bed; shouting at the top of my lungs, and yet, Mia remained sound asleep. Pretending she wasn’t hearing a thing. Interestingly enough, she did the same exact thing last year, right before she abandoned me in New Orleans.

Fast forward to September 2020, we are in *our* apartment, and she is pursuing her Youtube entrepreneurial career. I was extremely supportive of her adventures, but I’m not going to lie, I used to get a tad bit frustrated/jealous at the fact that she was pursuing her dreams and meanwhile, I was obligated to pay all the bills; spending all of my coins while supporting her and hardly myself.

Everyone tried to say that our friendship was toxic. But she was my only friend at the time so I didn’t want to listen. But every time I was around this girl, some strange things always took place.

I remember she convinced me that this one boy, we’ll call him Kai, was my “twin flame”, which is a world that people in the astrology community use for soul mate. She had me obsessed with this man… promising me that our astrological placements were meant to be. I came to find out, however, that she was only doing that to try and get her boyfriend back in some weird best-friends dating best-friends fantasy that she’d made up in her mind.

I have to say, that girl was conniving. And her beauty and charm only added to her credibility.

So back to the story.

My friend/brother dies on my birthday, September 19, 2020, and I completely crash after receiving that phone call. Tell me why, the first thing that Mia asked me to do, AGAIN, was to take another trip with her. She wanted to go to Colorado, but then we settled on New Orleans. i thought that this would be a good way to get away and clear my head – especially since I was totally broken after his death.

Whole time we’re driving, I start going through these weird flashes and phases. I start hearing things… voices. Of people that are dead. People beyond this realm. They were all telling me different things, but most importantly, they were all promising me some sort of fantasy place where all of my worries would be surrendered. “The Black House”, the voices called it.

I’ll never forget that surreal feeling. It literally felt like i was a dead woman walking. I remember seeing flashes of ghosts outside the window. Some of them rode motor-cycles and others flew. The whole drive to NOLA, Mia was talking to herself. Whispering and chanting things in languages that I did not understand.

Eventually we get to NOLA, and all of a sudden I could feel the spirit of witchcraft lingering over me. It was almost as if death was calling my name. Like there were unsolved mysteries beyond the physical realm that I could not see, but only feel. My spirit was more confused than ever. But when we got to the main city, Mia did the most unexpected thing ever… she attempted to drop me off at the police station.

I looked at her and laughed,

“What is this?” I asked.

“We’re here!” She said. Looking at the police station.

I told her to stop her nonsense and drive us to a location that made sense. And right after I said that, her car started smoking. As in, smoke literally started coming out of her hood. A sign? Maybe.

All of a sudden, I went into a daze. I started hearing the voice of Pop Smoke, a young rapper who was fatally killed earlier that year, calling my name and promising me a Mercedes Benz. All of this was happening while we were sitting at the Super-dome in NOLA, which, if you’ve ever been there, is literally sponsored by Mercedes.

I looked at Mia and she had her eyes fixated on the super-dome. The entire time, something within me kept telling me to not look on the other side of the road. It was almost like there was something that my spirit was blocking me from observing.

We got a hotel that night, and all of a sudden, after a long hot shower, I felt possessed by the spirit of lust. I wasn’t lustful of Mia, but rather the man that she had promised me as my own. A man who, by the way, I came to find out was in a whole relationship. She… Mia, had deceived me.

So there I am, tossing and turning, moaning and groaning, while Mia pretends to be asleep… again. Then, all of a sudden, it dawned on me. This girl wanted to offer me as a blood sacrifice for fame and wealth.

Or at least, that was the delusion that popped into my head.

I tried waking her up, even though I knew she wasn’t really asleep, and when I asked her when we would be going back home, she said after we had visited some witch lady’s tomb. That’s when I went crazy.

Maybe I just needed my meds. Or maybe this girl really was trying to do voodoo on me, the world may never know.

All I know is that I stormed out of that hotel room after throwing a few things at her (which I shouldn’t have done and I apologized for), and never looked back.

I’ll more than likely do a story time on this on my Youtube channel, Stacy’s World, so keep an eye out for that.

But for now, please remember to listen to your intuition, because you never know what dangerous situation your gut feeling may be getting you out of. As they say, intuition is a whisper from the soul. Or in other words, intuition over reason.

After I stormed out of the hotel room, Mia called me begging for me to come back. Saying that she would take me back to Delaware. She never did. Instead, she left me in New Orleans and I was forced to go to a mental institution after my brain was practically fried from not sleeping for nights. Mia left with my phone, ID, passport… everything, and disappeared for eternity.

I know I played a significant role in our “friendship”, and that I essentially put myself in that situation. But I guess I had to go through that experience for my third eye to open. I don’t know. All I know is I’m glad to be alive.

Hope you enjoyed this spooky story time, and most importantly, that you learned from my mistakes. Also, as the rapper J.Cole once said,




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