Understanding The Divine Feminine Energy.

In many cultures, a girl becomes a woman when she gets her first period. This is because blood shedding signifies the internal and external struggle & sacrifice that comes along with owning a womb. Blood represents life – and the blood that a woman sheds every 28 days represents the cycle of the Moon. This is because the Moon is the motherly planet that rules over emotions, fertility and birth. She cries out at the end of every rhythm when her sole purpose in life (reproduction) is not met or satisfied. Blood also symbolizes war – which is ruled by Mars, or the planet of war. Menstrual cycles symbolize the war that takes place both psychologically and physiologically when childbirth does, or does not, take place; as well as the sex drive that is required for reproduction to be pursued. This is why the planet Mars is always depicted as the color red; and why you hear that women’s cycles are also known as “moon time” in certain traditions. It’s also why women tend to be more depressed and emotional during their cycle. These are just a few examples of Ancient African Astrology that have been passed down to explain the mysterious period that every natural-born woman is forced to embrace in her lifetime. But what does this have to do with Divine Feminine energy?

Image of Mars, the planet of war, second ruler of Menstruation after the Moon.

The notion of Divine Feminine Energy is one that has transcended many galaxies and generations. This is especially true considering Divine Feminine energy is governed by Venus – the planet of beauty and luxury – so it is no secret that the more you take care of your inner and outer beauty by mastering meditation; embracing menstruation; exercising consistently, practicing proper hygiene, etc; the more feminine and attractive energy you’ll illuminate to the world. The Divine Feminine Energy teaches us that divinity pervades all nature and humanity. That means that the yin energy of the world literally and figuratively runs the universe. But in order to understand how this is so, you must first understand the Chinese Philosophies of Yin and Yang.

According to Ancient Chinese Folklore, Yin-Yang represents the universe creating itself from chaotic energy and transmuting it into order, or Tai Ji — the great polarity. In its most basic form, the Yin-Yang symbol represents a creation theory or the “big bang.” It signifies how obviously opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world; and how they may influence and give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. This means that everything is everything, as Lauren Hill once said in her debut album. We’re all a lot more deeply connected than we think. Yin is the receptive feminine energy and Yang is the active masculine principle; hence Yin representing the egg and Yang representing the sperm life-force. The idea of Yin and Yang can be seen in all forms of nature such as the annual cycles (winter vs. summer), the landscape (north-facing shade vs. south-facing brightness), sexual coupling (female vs. male), and the formation of war versus peace (disorder and order). Understanding yin-yang energy is crucial because it helps conceptualize the fact that you need both divine feminine and divine masculine energy to achieve order in (your) life. It also hands us a perfect glimpse into understanding divine feminine energy in general.

Ancient Chinese Philosophy of Yin and Yang: masculine and feminine energy.

To understand your divine feminine energy means to take charge of your life and use the power within you to elevate your physical and higher self. A huge part of divine feminine energy is that it doesn’t have to do too much to be noticed – it merely exists. A woman who is aware of her divine feminine energy knows what she likes both inside and outside the bedroom. She’s confident in being submissive but at the same time can take charge when it is required of her to do so. She is classy and elegant in her own fashion. That is the main takeaway from this article – that divine feminine energy comes in many shapes and capacities. A woman can be herself freely once she understands the divine nature of her energy. She can smile in bliss at her curves and stretch marks because she understands that every inch of her body tells a story about the universe that she was born into.

Mother-nature is the perfect example of divine feminine energy. She has been beaten, raped, and abused, yet there’s still so much beauty in the nature we see on her earth even today. This is synonymous with the pain that some women experience while cramping during their period. I believe there’s a direct correlation between the pain we put mother-nature through by uprooting trees, polluting water, and fostering climate change; and the pain that women feel during childbirth and their menstrual cycle. It’s almost some sort of punishment for bringing disorder into the universe through birth – because according to Buddhist philosophy and principles, every new birth is a formation of desire and hence chaos. This is not to say that women are the cause of disorder (men have been linked with the greatest atrocities including war), but rather that the female anatomy is special enough to feel anything and everything. This goes back to the concept from earlier: everything truly is everything.

Image depicting Mother Nature (Yin) and her organized chaos.

I think it’s crucial for every female to understand the power that she holds in the universe. There is so much suppressed divine feminine energy especially with the rise of seductive and raunchy female rap that embraces exchanging sex for gifts or money. Don’t get me wrong – to each their own. But I fear that the youth will grow up thinking that their energy is replaceable; when really in Chemistry we learn that energy can neither be created nor destroyed – it just accumulates and forms something new. What you put out into the universe matters. And this is why it is important to understand how mighty the divine feminine energy is especially when it comes to creation. I think women have the potential to run the world and create peace and harmony within it; but first, generational curses and insecurities must be uprooted before we can see such a rise.

I’ve noticed that women who grew up with both their mother and father tend to have a greater understanding of their divine feminine energy. This goes back to the concept of yin and yang and how balance is required for order to be achieved. But what about women with so called “daddy issues” such as myself? For us, I say we must practice monthly – if not daily – rituals that ground us to the earth and help heal our traumatized chakras. This means doing things like fasting every week on your birth day; bathing with salts and crystals; or even just journaling daily after practicing yoga. Just as divine femininity is fluid, so should our rituals be as well. I’ll be writing about daddy issues very soon so keep an eye out for that, but in the meantime, practice things that help you feel beautiful and emotionally satisfied as these will help align you to the Moon and Venus.

There’s so much more to say, but if you have any questions about how to tap into your divine feminine energy, feel free to put the “contact” box in my links to use.

As always, thank you for supporting my art ❤

I love and appreciate you,



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