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Stacy Rahaka is a Neuroscience student, content creator and visual storyteller.

Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Stacy Rahaka discovered her passion for writing when she was 8 years old. At the time, while living in a third-world country, Stacy thought blogging was an unfathomable dream. However, the future aspiring physician-scientist never let go of her storytelling ambitions. She would write stories on paper, day in and day out, constantly imagining herself as a blogger one day. After immigrating to the United States, Stacy’s yearning to create and share stories grew deeper, and at last, was born on October 2021. Stacy is currently a Neuroscience student with a dual degree in Interpersonal Communication. She is extremely passionate about the art and science of storytelling, and spends almost all of her free time writing or brainstorming ideas for’s Royalty Family. She has a kitten named Paka that she loves with all her heart. And her favorite hobbies outside of blogging are dancing, taking long walks, reading and cooking for friends.

A message from the author, Stacy Rahaka:

Stacy’s World 🌍

Hey there! Welcome to Here, you’ll find various articles including my journals, diaries, personal accounts, advice/self-help pieces, and my overall thoughts on this thing we call life. I have been told that my life story is crazy, and it truly is. So instead of waiting for that big book deal (though that would be a dream come true), I’ve decided to start this blog and at least start writing/creating digital content about some of my wild experiences.

I’m always looking for new content to write about, so if you have something you’d like me to write/talk about, please visit my contact page and leave a message. I appreciate you so much for caring enough about my content to READ it – especially in this digital age where people don’t read as much as they used to

P.s. I’m currently in college finishing up my Neuroscience and Interpersonal Communication degrees, and donations/tips would be more than appreciated, truly. If you like/resonate with my content, please put your money where your mouth is (I said please 😉 haha). Thanks again for supporting me and my art. May your pockets increase ten-fold!


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