Manifest the life of your dreams in 3 simple steps.

Whether your goal is money, love, fame or health, today I’ll be walking you through a well kept secret among some of the most successful people to ever exist: Creative Visualization. According to best-selling author Shakti Gawain, Creative Visualization is the technique of using your imagination to create what you want in your life. In other words, it’s the ability to use the power of your imagination to create, a.k.a manifest, every single thing that you want in your life. Imagine being able to close your eyes, see everything you want out of life; and achieve it ALL – simply by VISUALIZING it. That is the power of creative visualization, and there’s scientific evidence proving that it actually works!

The HuffPost, for example, had the following to say about creative visualization:

“Although visualization was regarded as “new age hype” for many years, research has shown that there is a strong scientific basis for how and why visualization works. It’s now a well-known fact that we stimulate the same brain regions when we visualize an action and when we actually perform that same action. For example, when you visualize lifting your right hand, it stimulates the same part of the brain that is activated when you actually lift your right hand. This shared area of brain activation when we imagine an action and perform it has been demonstrated extensively in the scientific literature. A striking example of how visualization increases brain activation is seen in stroke.”

Amazing, right?! You can literally manifest anything & everything you want in life, you just need to dedicate time and energy towards visualizing it. Creative visualization can be used consciously or unconsciously. In fact, you’re using creative visualization right now – at this very moment, whether you realize it or not. Similarly, you can creatively visualize negative aspects of life as well. This is because it’s something that can be practiced knowingly and unknowingly; whether you like it or not. Fortunately, for those of us who practice creative visualization knowingly, many fruits can be reaped in terms of success, love, joy/happiness and even financial prosperity.

But before we get into how to use creative visualization to achieve anything you want in life, let’s first delve into what imagination is – because a strong imagination is crucial for creative visualization to work effectively. Imagination, in the most basic sense of the word, is the ability to create an idea, a mental picture, or a feeling sense of something. In creative visualization, imagination is essential because you have to really see and ENVISION whatever it is you want. P.s. Did you know the word “Vision” is my favorite word? I love this word because it reminds me that life is nothing but a dream. A vision.

Here are a few tips to help you get started with creative manifestation/visualization.

  1. In creative visualization, you must first use your imagination to create a clear image, idea, or feeling of something you wish to manifest. Then, continue to focus on the idea, feeling, or picture regularly (at least twice a day), feeding it positive energy until it becomes an objective reality… in other words, until you actually achieve the goal you have been imagining or trying to manifest. I recommend closing your eyes in a quiet, serene, and comfortable environment, somewhere with as little distractions as possible. This could be your bedroom, your office, or merely every time you use the bathroom… literally anything. Creative visualization should be practiced daily in order for it to be effective. I recommend twice a day – in the morning and at night. Treat it like a medication you have to take.
  2. Remember to Go with the Flow: hold on to your goals lightly, and by this I mean be willing to change your goal(s) if something more appropriate and satisfying comes along. In other words, be firm yet flexible with your goals. Go with the Flow! Also, be aware of why you desire that said goal. Sometimes, things might seem like they’re not working out for us no matter what we do. In moments like that, remember that it’s all about balancing between that awesome goal you have in mind, and enjoying the scenery of the ride at the same time. Let it Flow: meaning let the current of the events just… flow. Sometimes, you might want something but you’re not truly ready for it. So the best thing to do, is to patiently enjoy where you’re at in your journey.
  3. Observe your fears: Remember that fear is the killer of all dreams. In your fear of not getting what you want, you may actually be energizing the idea of not getting it more than you are energizing the goal itself. That’s the “negative side” of creative visualization – that if you’re not cognitive and aware of your thoughts, you might be attracting the wrong things in life! Don’t let that be you. Don’t be the person who is subconsciously inviting negative manifestations because you’re unaware of just how important your mindset is. Fear, as many people say, is false evidence appearing real. Everything you fear is an illusion to keep you trapped in the worst version of yourself. Don’t let fear control you.

As a bonus to this article, my last tip is to practice affirmations daily. Affirmations are words that offer emotional support or encouragement. You can write your own affirmations or find some on the internet. I’ll leave you with a couple, since I love and appreciate you so much for reading this far 🙂 As you read these affirmations, I want you to truly envision yourself as loved, successful, rich, happy… anything you want. Really think about what is being stated, especially if it resonates with you, and truly believe that you already have it! Anyways, Thank you so much for supporting my art. Enjoy these affirmations written by me, for you:

The universe is unfolding perfectly.

I can relax and let go.

I can go with the flow.

I trust my own process.

I always have everything I need.

I am whole in myself.

I am lovable and a loving person.

Divine love is guiding me; I am always taken care of.

The universe always provides.

My dreams are at the tip of my imagination.

I will create the life I want, need and desire.

I am prosperous in all I do.

Financial success is coming to me effortlessly and easily.

I am now enjoying financial prosperity!

I am rich in consciousness and manifestation.

I feel rich, well and happy.

P.s. For more affirmations, visit my instagram @stayfloinc.

Love you all so much,


Stacy Rahaka.

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