How did I fall in love so quickly?

I don’t get it. You were supposed to be a mere joke. A reflection of how fun it is to be young, dumb and unprovoked. I was fully content with myself before you came into my life. I was broken, sure, and my time was filled with strife. But nevertheless, I was good. In fact, I was doing great! Though I didn’t know that meeting you would open certain gates. Completely encapsulated, you occupy my mind rent free. And now I’ve caught feelings…. it’s so bad I want to flee. Is he my twin flame? Or is this destiny? I can’t help but contemplate this new epiphany.

I’m so sprung that I’m writing about you in my most sacred space. Who knew that a few days would take me to such an odd place. The truth is I really just need to vent. Maybe if I let this out of my system, I can put it to an end. Honestly, I feel like you’re constantly testing me. And the thought of you with other females makes me feel detested. I know I don’t own you, so I must be patient. To see where this goes, besides, you’re only my second. One minute after another, I think about your touch. How glorious you feel, it’s no wonder I feel so clutched.

Nevertheless, I need to focus on myself. To have you would be great, but I must pay attention to my plate. Besides, you have a best friend who makes you smile and giggle. I can’t come in between that so I’ll just wiggle my way out of this jingle. My dreams of going to med school lately have been so dim. Perhaps it’s because I’m focused on you to the point that it’s brim. I don’t want to be toxic, so I’ll settle with being friends. I think that’ll be better on both ends. I value the time that we’ve spent together; but now it’s time to focus on me and not whether we’ll be birds of a feather. I wish you all the best on all your endeavors.



2 responses to “How did I fall in love so quickly?”

    1. Thank you ❤️🌹✨


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